MAGIS Program


What is the Magis Program?

The goal of the Magis Program is to call forth, to mentor, and to recognize students who demonstrate potential for understanding and exercising leadership in the contemporary church.

Who is Magis for?

All members of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes interested in bringing their leadership skills to the faith community are welcome to apply.

What does "Magis" mean?

Magis is the Latin word for "more".  In the Jesuit tradition, "the magis" calls us to always strive to be more for others and for God. 

How do I apply?

Contact the Chaplain's office for more information: x2448 or email the Chaplains.



What does the commitment to Magis look like?

To enable students to deepen their experience of ministry in the context of prayerful reflection, all Magis participants must commit to the following:

Spiritual Exercises-

Participation in the 5-day version of the St. Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises.

On-going Liturgical Ministry -

Regular participation in one of the following ministries: Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Music Ministers, Liturgical Coordinators, Greeters, Altar Servers.

On-going service ministry -

Weekly participation in one of the SPUD programs.

Intensive Immersion Experience-

Take part in a domestic or international immersion program sponsored by the Chaplains' Office.

Academic Coursework-

Two courses in Catholic or Christian theology offered by the Religious Studies Department.

Annual Magis Retreat -

Overnight retreat focused on discerning church leadership.

Spiritual Conversations -

During the junior and senior year all Magis students will be assigned a chaplain mentor with whom they will meet regularly.

Campion Dinners -

Special dinners held twice each semester for all Magis students.