Nicaragua Program

Dates: January 7-17, 2014
Applications due: April 9, 2013

Information Session: TBD

Directors of the Program
Marty Kelly - Chaplains’ Office

The Holy Cross Nicaragua Immersion program began in 2008.  The program seeks to provide students with an experience of the reality of life in Latin America through the eyes of the poor and in light of the Gospel, as well as the opportunity to reflect and pray together about all that one experiences.

Our hope and our belief is that students are changed irrevocably by this kind of experience, returning home with motivation to become part of the global solution to issues of poverty and global justice. One of our goals is that they are inspired to lead generous and intentional lives, using their considerable gifts to make this world a more just and loving place.


How the Program Works
Participants have an opportunity to encounter aspects of Nicaraguan culture through project sites, input sessions, day trips, memorial sites, worship experiences, and daily reflection among themselves and with IPM staff members. It is important to realize that the immersion opportunities are meant to facilitate student appreciation and respect for the people whom they encounter.   This openness to receive and to be enriched by Nicaraguan hospitality and culture is both a prerequisite and an outcome of this program.

It is our hope that Holy Cross students will grow in awareness of their own solidarity with the people they encounter. In this way, they will come to see the ‘other’ truly as ‘neighbor'.  

A Typical Day
We begin our day with breakfast and morning orientation at La Posadita de Bolonia, a guest house in the capital city of Managua.  During most weekdays students will then be transported to various IPM partner-sites in Nicaragua.  We will spend our days visiting with many community projects in the region, including those dedicated to rural health care, remedial education for young adults, and developing sustainable economic opportunities for women.

Late afternoons offer rest and the group meets each evening to reflect on daily experiences.

Preparation for Immersion
Students are chosen for the program by the end of the fall semester.  A series of preparation meetings for all participants during spring semester build community and help prepare the group for the immersion.

 Additional Resources:

 Web Sites and Suggested Reading

  • Plunkett, Hazel      Nicaragua in Focus: A Guide to the People, Politics, and Culture
  • Ramirez, Sergio     To Bury our Father
  • Randall, Margaret  Sandino’s Daughters  


  • Flexibility: A willingness to live simply and to do without luxuries and conveniences we take for granted in the U.S.
  • Openness: The desire to explore the many spiritual, political, sociological, and economic questions raised by speakers, day trips, etc.
  • Respect for persons we interact with, and for the Nicaraguan culture.
  • A commitment to reflection on experiences and the sharing of faith with both Holy Cross students and IPM leaders.
  • Understanding of and respect for both the spirit and the policies of the program, e.g., use of alcohol, involvement at project sites, presence at all group sessions, support for reflection opportunities, etc.
  • Sense of humor!

Cost: Approximately $1,600 - $1,800
This fee includes all meals, lodging, and transportation costs.