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Crusader Express is a stored value account, like a debit account, which is accessed via your OneCard and used to purchase just about anything at Holy Cross, from textbooks to pizza, computers to personal care items. You can even use Crusader Express at a variety of off-campus vendors!

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What is a Holy Cross Crusader OneCard?

The Crusader OneCard is your Holy Cross ID. It looks like an ordinary ID, but it's much more than that! Your OneCard allows you to access your residence hall, your meal plan, and your Crusader Express account. And the OneCard is your library card. It is also your official Holy Cross identification and it should be carried with you whenever you are on campus.


What is Crusader Express?

Crusader Express is a stored value account, which can be used to purchase just about anything at Holy Cross, from textbooks to pizza, computers to personal care items. It's the easiest, safest and most convenient way to manage your money.


Do I need to do anything to use my card?

Yes, you first need to activate the card and then set up your account. Links can be found on the Student Center page of STAR.


What is "Give Something Back"?

A percentage of all off campus sales is donated to the recipient you have chosen from the list provided, at no extra cost to you.


What are the "Give Something Back" charities listed?

Abby House - Since 1976, Abby Kelley Foster House, Inc. (Abby’s House) has provided more than 11,500 homeless women and children with a safe place to stay, regroup, and rebuild. Abby’s House was among the first shelters for women, with or without children, in the U.S. At present, it is one of two family shelters in the area that does not require its guests to be on welfare.

Holy Cross Fund- Gifts to the Holy Cross Fund have an immediate impact, supporting the College's highest priorities. With more than 60 percent of students receiving some form of financial assistance, current-use gifts toward financial aid are essential to Holy Cross. Current-use gifts toward faculty resources enable the College to recruit and retain a first-class teaching faculty and maintain a faculty to student ratio of 11:1.

Nativity School - Nativity School of Worcester is an accredited, independent, Jesuit middle school that provides a quality, all-scholarship education to underserved boys of all faiths. Drawing upon four pillars - strength, scholarship, character, and service - a Nativity education inspires self-discovery, responsibility, spiritual growth, and a lifelong dedication to learning.

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Am I required to add value to the card?

No, it is not a requirement but the card can be used for many things on and off campus including but not limited to laundry, post office, bookstore, personal care items, vending machines and various eateries.


How do I add money to my card?

Loading money via bank transfer is free online; however, if you load with a credit/debit card online or over the phone, you will be charged a $2.50 cardholder load fee.

You can also visit the OneCard Deposit Center on campus to load your card using any combination of $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills.


Is there a limit on how much I can add to my card?

While there is no limit to the balance that you carry, there is a per transaction limit when you are adding value to the card. Credit or debit card have a maximum of $250.00 per load and Checking Accounts (bank transfers) have a maximum of $200.00 per 4 day period.


Do I lose the money I added at the end of the semester?

No, this is not an account that expires.


Can I get cash back from the card?

You cannot get cash back from purchases but you can withdraw cash through an ATM machine (subject to ATM fees).



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Inquiries should be made to:

Crusader Express Office, Room 129
Kimball Hall
Phone: 508.793.3301
Fax: 508.793.3636
Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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