Human Resources

The Human Resources Department at the College of the Holy Cross is located in
O'Kane Hall - Room B72. For a current listing of available positions, please check
out the employment opportunities section of our Web site.

The College of the Holy Cross has had a voluntary policy of non-discrimination
and equal opportunity since 1972, and hereby reaffirms its commitment to this policy
and to compliance with all applicable federal and state non-discrimination laws.  In hiring
and employment, College policies, procedures and practices are intended to preclude
discrimination based on race,  religion, color, national origin, age, marital or parental
status,veteran status, sex, disabilities or sexual preference. Holy Cross actively seeks
out potential candidates among women, Jesuits, members of racial or ethnic minority
groups, persons with disabilities, and veterans of the Vietnam era, and encourages them
to apply for work at the College. This commitment includes the recruitment and career
growth of qualified minorities, women, Jesuits, veterans and persons with disabilities, as
well as the establishment of reasonable accommodations to further the employment of
individuals with disabilities.

It is the responsibility of all members of the Holy Cross community to work together
to ensure that our commitment to equal opportunity and affirmative action is vigorously carried out.






















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