Community Courtesy Counts

Co-Operate. Do not compete.

We all know what can happen when we face delays.

People can become CURT instead of COURTEOUS!

We all are influenced to be in a hurry these days! And traffic congestion only adds to the everyday stress of deadlines, commitments and schedules.

The tendency is to try and accomplish more in the 24 hours than is healthy.

Be aware that being in a hurry can be costly for you. And if you get hurt, so does the community. Be a good neighbor and observe the tips below to help keep your cool as the road slows you down – because it will sooner or later – Even if you are taking your time!

Key Points

  • Leave early and allow time to take your time.
  • That is the road to a safer drive.
  • At work or construction zones – avoid the urge to jockey for position.
  • Cooperate and do not compete on the road.
  • Let other drivers merge into traffic in an orderly fashion.
  • You may not get their first, but that’s not a safe objective.
  • Don’t use your horn to express anger.
  • Don’t tailgate.
  • Don’t take another’s actions personally.
  • Everybody makes mistakes.

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