Golden Rule Driving

"Treat others in the manner you would like to be treated"

This thought has been called "The Golden Rule."

It is a good practice for safe driving. Take time to reflect on the presence of others in all aspects of life. Before you drive, it is a good habit to  dwell on a few thoughts as you prepare to drive your fellow passengers to their events.

Before you Drive, reflect a moment about the Golden Rule:

  • When you drive, you represent the Worcester Community on the road.
  • Holy Cross wants to promote safety in the whole Worcester community.
  • Safe driving skills should be practiced whether on "College time" or personal.
  • Statistically, a fatal vehicle accident occurs about once every 13 minutes.
  • For persons from age 1 to 33, vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death.
  • The most serious vehicle crashes that can occur with your vehicle could involve: Pedestrians, Intersections, Not wearing a safety belt, Centerline crossing, or Distractions while driving (i.e. Smart phones) BE ATTENTIVE TO THESE RISKS
  • A car traveling 55 mph hour can travel the length of football field in 3.7 seconds


  • When you have the right of way, don't assume others would agree with you out there on the road!
  • Do not take other driver's actions personally.
  • Never use your horn to express anger.
  • Don't tailgate.
  • Remember, everyone makes mistakes.

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