Winter Safety -Check Your Van

  • Before you drive – Look over your vehicle!
  • Did you know that our campus maintains over 75 vehicles?
  • Before you drive, especially in wintry conditions, check the basics out.
  • Do a thorough but simple inspection.  10 SECONDS SPENT ON EACH IS LESS THAN 2 MINUTES!

Look at and check the "Top 10 Basics"       

  1. TIRES: Do they look low in pressure, “getting flat?” Treads look adequate?
  2. ICE SCRAPER / SNOW BRUSH: Does the vehicle have one?
  3. MIRRORS / WINDOWS: Don’t drive with these uncleared!
  4. WASHER FLUID: Don’t leave home without it!
  5. WIPERS: Are they worn out? Do they work?
  6. DEFROSTER / HEAT: Functioning well? Windows clear?
  7. THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT : If it’s on – Do Not Drive the Vehicle
  8. FUEL: If I get stuck in snow or traffic, will I have fuel? It’s cold outside!
  9. HEADLIGHTS / BLINKERS / HIGH BEAMS: Do they all work? Snow cleared off?
  10. BRAKES: Does brake pedal sink to floor? Any sensation of grinding or scraping?


Note all issues on your vehicle sign-out form. DO NOT USE THE VEHICLE IF IT IS UNSAFE!
Report any questionable items right away!

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Key Points

  • Conduct a basic yet thorough inspection.
  • A few minutes spent can save many hours of loss
  • There over 75 vehicles on campus. You are not the only driver.
  • Review “THE TOP 10 BASICS”
  • Report all known issues on your sign-out form.
  • If anything is unsafe – DO NOT USE THE VEHICLE