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The Holy Cross Rugby Football Club is an organization for veteran high school rugby players as well as new players to hone and develop their skills and appreciation for the sport of rugby.  The club is here as a tribute to the great teams Holy Cross has fostered and the successful teams it will produce in years to come.  Through hours of practice and community service these young men solidify and perpetuate the bonds of brotherhood and camaraderie.  This club is here for young men who wish to forge a notable career in rugby and for those who simply wish to engage in the last gentleman’s game played by true gentlemen.  


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New players are always welcome regardless of skill level. While the A-side team is highly competitive and comprised of experienced Rugby players, we have an excellent developmental B-Side open to players of all skill levels. If you are interested in trying out for the team please contact Matty Simons (mdsimo17@g.holycross.edu) to be added to our email list.