Summer Housing Resources

SIP students are responsible for securing their own housing.  Many students have had success in finding housing resources through these websites:

If you are interested in contacting other SIP interns that will be in the same city for summer 2015, access this document to add your name and see the list of interns per city! 


New York City



NYU Housing

FIT Housing

New School Housing

SVA Housing

Columbia Housing





BC Housing

Northeastern Housing

Suffolk Housing

BU Housing

MIT Fraternity Summer Housing




Fairfield Summer Housing

UConn Summer Housing


Washington D.C.



American Summer Housing

GWU Summer Housing

Catholic Summer Housing

Georgetown Summer Housing

UMD Summer Housing


Worcester, MA

SIP students may apply for summer housing at Holy Cross once they have secured an internship in the area.


Housing Directories






Looking for a Holy Cross roommate?

All interns and graduating seniors are encouraged to utilize Cross Listings.  This password protected resource allows students to post or search for fellow students relocating for jobs or internships.