Apply to SIP

Directions for using Crusader Connections to Apply to the Summer Internship Program

All applicants to SIP must submit a job search quality resume, a cover letter stating their career interest(s) and aspirations, what they hope to gain from an internship and what they can contribute to an internship site, and an unofficial transcript. The only application deadline is October 2, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. for the 2015 Summer Internship Program. No extensions will be granted. 

The URL for Crusader Connections is:

Build your Profile

  • Click on My Profile tab in top navigation bar, complete required fields, and choose Save Changes & Continue
  • Click on Personal and update contact information, class year, etc... Save changes
  • Click on Academic and update, save changes
  • Click on Privacy Settings and update (Choose ‘yes’ for faster notifications of job postings)

Upload Necessary Documents (resume, cover letter and unofficial transcript)

  • Click on My Documents tab in top navigation bar


  1. Click on Add New at the bottom of the page
  2. Enter a document title in the Label field  (we recommend “Lastname, SIP”)
  3. Click on Browse button, select a file to upload and then click the Submit button
    Repeat  steps 1-3  for your SIP cover letter and again for your unofficial transcript

Apply for Job

  • Click on Jobs/Internships tab or the Employers tab in the top navigation bar.  (For fewer results, choose Crusader Connections Jobs)
  • Using the Keyword search, type in "SIP" and you will see the position in the results section
  • Click on the Apply button below the correct job title
    • You will be directed to find your SIP Resume in the dropdown
    • You will be directed to find your SIP Cover Letter in the dropdown
    • You will be directed to find your Transcript in the dropdown
  • Highlight the appropriate name and Submit all three documents


A green screen will appear to indicate that you have successfully applied to the
Summer Internship Program