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Summer 2013 Internship Blogs:

SIP Success Stories:

Read about students whose internship experience turned into a full-time job offer!


Jack Carter, Barclays, Investment Banking Division, New York, NY

"When I first began my internship, I was intimidated by the Ivy League finance majors I sat next to. I quickly overcame that intimidation and began to realize the way to succeed in this industry is the same way to succeed at Holy Cross: work hard, ask questions, take initiative and show interest. I never went anywhere without my notebook and excel shortcuts lined my cubicle. Full time employees noticed how truly interested I was and the steps I would take to improve.

During my evaluations I was told it was my attitude that set me apart from other interns. Keeping a smile on your face and never complaining is huge. When you work long hours it isn’t always easy, and some interns became too “comfortable” at work, and those are the interns that ended up disappointed on offer day.

Finally, if you want an offer show interest! Let people know how much you enjoy where you work and what you work on. No one expects you to know everything, but they also don’t want to answer the same question twice. As an intern, your number one job should be to make the lives of the full time employees easier. If you can do that and produce good work, you will likely not be surprised come offer day."


Derek Kump, Goldman Sachs, Securities Division Analyst - Fixed Income, New York, NY

"SIP was instrumental in helping me, first and foremost, secure the internship opportunity at Goldman Sachs as well as ultimately receive a full-time job offer.  From the very beginning of the internship search process, the unlimited access to SIP resources, from interview prep questions to 1-on-1 counseling with director, proved to be invaluable.   The alumni relationships that SIP has established are second-to-none and, more importantly, every alum that I encountered took a vested interest in my success.   Throughout the internship itself I leveraged these alumni connections, both at Goldman and at other firms on “the street”, to build my personal network as well as ensure that I was on the path to an offer.  All in all, it is safe to say that participating in SIP was undoubtedly the best decision that I made over the course of my internship experience and I would highly recommended the program to anyone."