Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs, in the context of a residential environment, assists students in their growth and development in every facet of life: intellectual, psychological, social, spiritual, physical, and vocational. Serving as educators, our programs and services help students develop the skills that will enable them to live purposeful and balanced lives. In partnership with other members of the College community, we foster an environment in which the pursuit of excellence permeates our efforts.

Informed by Ignatian Principles, we encourage students to seek God in all the diversity of persons and things. We teach students to exercise leadership in service to others, and to participate and promote a community characterized by caring and respect for the worth and dignity of every human being.

Our contribution to the quality of the Holy Cross education is measured by the degree to which our students become known as leaders, are seen for their strength of character, are respected for their commitment to faith, family, and community, and are regarded as exemplary citizens who apply their talents and abilities in service to others.