Residence Halls

Healy Hall

Healy is located on Easy Street between the Hogan Campus Center and Lehy, and is home to 198 upperclassmen.

Lehy Hall

Lehy is on Easy Street between Healy and Hanselman, and houses 183 upperclassmen.

Hanselman Hall

Hanselman is the middle hall of the five halls on Easy Street and houses 185 first year students. Hanselman is home to the Self Cluster for 2010-2011, one of the five clusters that make up Montserrat, the first-year program.

Clark Hall

Clark is located on Easy Street between Mulledy and Hanselman and houses 192 students, primarily freshmen and sophomores. First-year students in the Substance-Free Living Program reside in Clark.

Mulledy Hall

Mulledy, the largest residence hall, is located at the end of Easy Street and houses approximately 470 first and second-year students. It is also home to two clusters in Montserrat, Global Society and Core Human Questions.

Figge Hall

The most recently constructed residence hall, the four-story, 60,000-square foot building, accommodates 156 seniors in 39 apartments. Each apartment consists of a living room, dining area, full kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.



Lower Campus Residences

Alumni and Carlin Halls

Located on either side of Kimball Dining Hall, Alumni and Carlin house 188 and 169 upper-class students, respectively. They are the two oldest residence halls at Holy Cross.

Williams Hall

Opened in 2003, the five-story, 85,000-square foot building, accommodates 244 seniors in 61 apartments. Each apartment consists of a living room, dining area, full kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.

Loyola Hall

Loyola has the distinction of being the largest upperclassmen residence hall on campus. It is located behind the College Chapel and next to the Millard Art Center. Loyola houses 300 students, is home to the Health Center and a fitness studio that opened in 2011.

Wheeler Hall

Located between the Field House and the Swords Science Complex, Wheeler is home to all first-year students (approx. 260). This residence hall also houses two clusters in the Montserrat program, The Divine and Natural World

In each residence hall there is a common lounge, a study lounge, and laundry facilities ($1.25 per load). A standard residence hall room typically contains one desk, desk chair, desk lamp, dresser, bookcase, and bed per occupant. Each bed is a twin and uses extra long sheets (“college size” sheets are recommended).

Every room has a window and fire-retardant drapes. Most rooms have tiled floors. As overhead lighting is not provided in most residence halls, students are encouraged to bring an extra, non-halogen, lamp.