How do you say 'Worcester?'

In Worcester, the "r" in "car" mysteriously turns invisible. It's pronounced "CAH." Submarine sandwiches are known as 'grinders' and soda as 'tonic.' If you're 'wicked' thirsty, look for a 'bubbler,' which is Worcester for water fountain.If you're an out-of-towner, you might raise an eyebrow at the way Worcesterites pronounce certain words and use particular phrases.

In general, Worcester residents pronounce words that end with an "a" such as "data" as "dater" and words that end with "er" such as "hiker" as "hika."

So, it's probably fitting that some people struggle with spelling and pronouncing Worcester.

Like the city of the same name in England, it's pronounced WŎŎS-TER. Thanks to that distinctive Worcester accent, you may hear WŎŎS-tah or WŎŎS-tuh or even WISS-tah.

As the second largest city in New England, with a population of roughly 180,000, you'd think people would know better than to mispronounce it WOR-ches-ter or WOR-sess-ter.

Not so.

Every so often, anchormen garble the city's proper pronunciation and — worse yet — the city is misidentified in print as (yikes!) Worchester. Run a web search, and cringe at all the Worchester, Mass. results that appear.

So, say it with us: WŎŎS-TER. And now spell it with us: W-O-R-C-E-S-T-E-R.